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Industry Leading Teeth Whitening in NJ

Do you have stained or discolored teeth? Teeth whitening is steadily gaining popularity in New Jersey as an easy and affordable way to improve the appearance of your teeth. If you are tired of achieving less than desired teeth whitening results from gels and strips, our in-office teeth whitening may be the solution you’re seeking.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening in New Jersey

Utilizing cutting edge teeth whitening technology, our NJ dentists are able to achieve significant results which can be seen after just one treatment. In-office Zoom! Teeth Whitening sessions take approximately 45 minutes to an hour, and best results are achieved after multiple appointments.

Take Home Prescription Strength Teeth Whitening in NJ

In addition to the Zoom! Teeth Whitening system, our office also offers patients the opportunity to obtain prescription strength take-home teeth whitening kits, which are significantly stronger than what is available over the counter at a pharmacy.

Teeth Whitening is Effective for Discolored Teeth Resulting From 

  • Smoking and tobacco
  • Aging
  • Coffee
  • Wine

If you are seeking a New Jersey teeth whitening dentist, contact Quality Dental Care  at 856-691-0290 in Vineland and 856-451-8041 in Bridgeton.